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special  · 20 Feb 2024

Steven Newcomb & JoDe Goudy: U.S. Law

Episode 5 Doctrine of Christian Discovery Podcast Special Season

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We begin this episode with a land acknowledgement. The podcast explores how a centuries-old Christian doctrine encouraged conquest and colonization of non-Christians – and how its legacies still affect various lands and peoples. Special guests: Steven Newcomb & JoDe Goudy, Indigenous scholars and activists. More.

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Show Notes

  • The Doctrine of Discovery and its Impact on Indigenous Land and Culture. 0:03
  • The Doctrine of Discovery’s influence on perception and identity. 4:06
  • Colonialism and its impact on indigenous cultures. 8:55
  • Indigenous rights and court systems. 13:52
  • Native American rights and Supreme Court cases. 17:17
  • Native American legal challenges and awareness. 21:11
  • Addressing colonial legacy and indigenous rights. 27:31
  • Colonialism, property law, and US Constitution. 29:01
  • Doctrine of Christian Discovery and its impact on indigenous peoples. 40:29



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Mitch and Tanner Randall, “Steven Newcomb & JoDe Goudy: U.S. Law,” Doctrine of Christian Discovery (Podcast), February 20, 2024.

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