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special  · 20 Feb 2024

Mitch Randall: Countering Conversion

Episode 8 Doctrine of Christian Discovery Podcast Special Season

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We begin this episode with a land acknowledgement.

The podcast explores how a centuries-old Christian doctrine encouraged conquest and colonization of non-Christians – and how its legacies still affect various lands and peoples.

Special guest: Mitch Randall, CEO of Good Faith Media.

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Show Notes

  • The Doctrine of Discovery and its impact on indigenous rights. 0:03
    • Mitch Randall reflects on the conference, acknowledging the daunting historical problems faced globally, and how they are connected to a document written 600 years ago.
  • The historical influence of the Doctrine of Discovery. 4:08
    • Tanner Randall found the Doctrine of Discovery’s influence over culture daunting and overwhelming, especially when compared to other documents like the Bible or Magna Carta.
    • Tanner learned something new during the conference, specifically the idea that the Doctrine of Discovery can be combated through efforts to decolonize and decenter the document’s influence.
  • Indigenous rights, Doctrine of Discovery, and personal stories. 7:14
    • Indigenous representation in legal system is lacking, with Doctrine of Discovery used to justify land grabbing and oppression globally.
    • Tanner plans to research missing and murdered indigenous women, religious racism, and the Doctrine of Discovery after a conference.
    • Tanner reflects on the impact of the Doctrine of Discovery on indigenous communities, highlighting the ongoing issues of femicide and religious racism.
    • Mitch shares personal stories of indigenous people affected by the Doctrine of Discovery, including the separation of families at the US-Mexico border and the historical trauma of boarding schools.
  • The Doctrine of Discovery and its impact on indigenous communities. 13:44
    • Mitch emphasizes the ongoing impact of the doctrine of Christian discovery on indigenous communities, and calls for action to address the issue.
    • Tanner argues that the Doctrine of Discovery is a perversion of US law and infuriates him due to its suppression of spirituality and religion.
    • Mitch reflects on the importance of considering international indigenous issues beyond the US-centric perspective.
  • Indigenous values and Christianity at a conference. 20:07
    • Mitch emphasizes the importance of countering the idea of conversion leading to conquest, as it has been used to justify oppression and dominance throughout history.
    • Mitch and Tanner expresses gratitude for conference and enjoyment of their time at the conference.



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Mitch and Tanner Randall, “Mitch Randall: Countering Conversion,” Doctrine of Christian Discovery (Podcast), February 20, 2024.

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